Mandrien:From “Bored” Involvement to Board Involvement: Changing Norms

Mandrien Consulting Group reports that as a result of the Great Recession, businesses are reacting in a proactive manner. In 2008 companies were left without access to the continual flow of credit. Compiling the situation, customer sales came to a lull. Weak marketing strategies that had previously been allowed to slide by lenders came to full circle as the economy tanked. Companies found themselves in ruins as a result of years of shaky business deals. This has had a proactive effect on board of directors, who previously maintained a less formative role. Rather than simply tagging along for the ride on all major business dealings, these boards of organizational directors have taken a seat up front next to the driver.Corporate boards have historically played a nebulous role in organizations. Historically the primary role of the majority of these boards has been involved in achieving growth through acquisitions and mergers. However, with the current economic hardship affecting the majority of businesses worldwide, board members have resolved to take a more active role in strategic planning. Corporate boards are rapidly discovering the vitality of companies depend on the involvement of the board in the initial stages of business propositions thanks in part to the advice provided by Mandrien Consulting Group. In an effort to prevent ever-looming economic cataclysms, council and active participation by companies’ directors is becoming part of the norm.

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